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Office furniture has come a long way since the days when scribes were paid a pittance to perch on stools and write for hours with just a candle for light and fingerless mittens to keep their hands warm!

In the 21st century, practicality and comfort have been combined in many ergonomically-designed chairs, tables and desks that permit the user to work at ease and without unnecessary strain on their body.

Most of the office furniture we sell at Room Deco Furniture is fully adjustable to suit the height and body structure of the person using it. You can change the height and angle of chair arms, backs, back supports and legs to help prevent your colleagues from feeling discomfort as a result of sitting for long hours in one position.

Many of our office chairs have caster wheels so that you can roll around between your computer and other working surfaces with ease.

We also have more specially designed kneeling chair and exercise balls which are ideal ways to encourage your workers to avoid slouching and sit upright as they work. This is not merely an aesthetic factor – it is an excellent preventive measure to avoid many hours of absenteeism caused by visits to the doctor due to back pain!

In some offices, these unusually shaped, ergonomically-designed chairs are used in staff rooms and leisure areas to provide workers with a break from their standard office chairs and to offer them an opportunity to realign their spines and restore balance.

Besides adjustable office chairs, at Room Deco Furniture we also sell a wide range of different types of office desks and tables. We carry both simple desks that combine a flat surface with one or more lockable drawers, and numerous examples of armoire desks which are based on the old roll-top desks from the 18th century and can be closed to keep out dust and create a tidy appearance.

We find that closable armoire desks are very popular with our clients who have small home offices as they provide storage so that all traces of work can be hidden away if the room has to be temporarily used for another purpose – such as to accommodate an unexpected overnight guest, for example.

There are two types of closable armoire desks: some have a fixed horizontal surface with doors that can be quickly pulled shut hiding the workspace behind, a bit like a cabinet. Others have a horizontal surface with a hinged lid and these may have to be cleared of larger items before the desk can be closed. Although this type is not quite so convenient as the fixed surface, cabinet style armoire, they are generally made out of lighter materials and so are easier to move around and even relocate into different rooms as and when appropriate.

At Room Deco Furniture, we also carry several slant top armoires which are ideal for people who work in design, architecture, and other creative fields.

Most models of our armoires and other styles of office desks incorporate a thin, pull out drawer where you can store your computer keyboard and push it away out of sight when not in use. They may also have ready-made or punchable holes to accommodate your computer cables etc, depending on the style.

We also carry cubicles so that you can partition your office space and create private areas for one or more workers. These are popular in open plan type offices, where semi-privacy is desirable so that workers can communicate easily but at the same time work easily without being distracted by what is going on around them.

The cubicles we offer at Room Deco furniture can be fixed or adjustable. The pre-set type is usually made out of stronger materials such as wood which makes it more durable but has the disadvantage that its configuration cannot be changed.

Adjustable cubicle partitions are usually made out of lighter materials and the shape of this type of cubicle can be changed according to the furniture and space in which it is placed, and to fit the type of work being undertaken.

We also carry many bookcases, credenzas, rugs, lamps, and other accessories that can make your home office more functional and attractive too.

Whatever type of office furniture you are looking for, we feel sure that in Room Deco Furniture’s range of more than 500 pieces we have many items that will appeal to your taste and budget.

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