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Most home furniture stores these days sell four basic types of furniture sets:

Living room furniture sets usually include one or more sofas and armchairs, a coffee and perhaps side tables too, one or more lamps, a throw rug or two and perhaps a chest or console to stand against the wall…

Bedroom furniture usually comprises a bed of whatever size best suits the occupants of the room, night tables, lamps, throw rugs and decorative cushions or pillows, and perhaps if there is room a comfortable couch or chair or even a chest with drawers for holding items of clothing.

Kitchen furniture and dining room furniture includes the obvious large table and enough chairs to seat all members of your family, perhaps an elegant armoire to hold all the china that is used on special occasions, as well as bar stools if you have a breakfast bar, perhaps a desk for your kitchen computer and even shelves for all those recipe books that you've been collecting over the years.

Entertainment units are made in various designs and dimensions and are styled to hold TV, DVD players, speakers, and all those DVDs and other audio visual devices tucked neatly away with only the minimal possible cables on display.

Choosing home furniture is not always easy since each member of a household has different tastes and requirements. It is probably wisest and helps to keep the peace if you discuss the style and anticipated use of the furniture you want to buy BEFORE purchase!

It is a good plan to always think about the practical use of the furniture and not be distracted by its appearance alone. Delicate antiques may be beautiful but they are not the most durable type of furniture to have around a young family. Similarly, white sofa sets are very elegant but perhaps not suitable in a house with four indoor dogs.

If you think long and hard about the usage you hope to get out of the piece you buy, this can often make the decision-making process much more straightforward.

Among many of the points to bear in mind are: function, practicality, durability, who will be using the furniture, color, style and, of course, affordability.

Always, always, always measure before you buy! We cannot emphasize this enough! We have seen too many clients fall in love with, for example, a sectional sofa only to find that once they get it home it is way too big to fit comfortably in their room. Buying furniture is all about scale – the pieces need to be appropriate for the size of the space they are to fill – in other words, they have to fit comfortably into your room without overcrowding it and leaving you space to move around.

We are always delighted to see our customers come into our store with a measuring tape in hand! Then we know they have done their homework and will focus on what will actually work for them and not get carried away by how the furniture looks in our showroom!

This is particularly important when it comes to buying an entertainment centre. You need to be very sure of the sizes of your TV, DVD player, speakers, and all other electronic devices that you hope to store together so that you can be sure they will all fit into the unit you like. You also need to think carefully about what type of electronic equipment you might want to buy in the future. Technology is changing very rapidly and the devices you are using today could well be obsolete in two or three years.

If possible, it helps to take a sample colour of the fabric, wood or other material that the furniture is made out of back to your home to see if it really blends with your current décor. Colour and texture seen out of context look quite different, and what seems appealing in daylight may not look so attractive at night, or vice versa. Neutral colours tend to be easier to combine with other existing elements in your room, but if you are looking for a particular shade or tone it is always wisest to double check where you can.

When making costly purchases it is always a good idea to give yourself at least 24 hours to think about what you are buying before closing the sale. Otherwise that beautiful item you think you can't live without may turn out to be an expensive mistake and a source of regret. Furniture is, by its very nature, large and bulky to move around and waiting a day to be sure that you are buying what you truly want and need is much better than having to return unwanted items which creates extra work and expense for both you and the furniture store.

At Room Deco Furniture Store, we like to think that choosing furniture is like choosing good wine! It is a process to be lingered over, to be thought about calmly and with patience, and above all, to be enjoyed. That way, when you get your new furniture home, you can indulge in its comfort, savor the way it looks and feels in use, and delight to the full in the item you have bought.

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